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three20south and Tugboat

Doctor Robert performed its Colorado style Beatles tribute last weekend at three20south in Breckenridge and The Tugboat in Steamboat Springs. This was our first visit to each of these towns, and we loved playing both of these classic mountain town music venues. Both nights brought out a very enthusiastic crowd, full of Beatles fanatics of all generations. We appreciate everyone singing and dancing all night both nights, and can’t wait to return to both three20south and Tugboat.

We recorded some audio from both nights as usual, so here’s a handful of songs from three20south in Breckenridge. This was recorded on stage in front of Kevin’s monitor, so his vocals are a touch loud, but you get the idea:
You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Love Me Do
I’m Looking Through You
Hey Jude

And here’s a few from Tugboat, recorded above the soundboard in the audience:
Please Please Me
Strawberry Fields Forever — With a Little Help From My Friends
One After 909
I’m So Tired — I’ve Got a Feeling
I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party
Come Together — Money
All Together Now

Two Years of Doctor Robert

Our first official gig, DoctoberFest on 10/16/10 at Rainbow Park in Crested Butte.

Our first official gig, DoctoberFest on 10/16/10 in Rainbow Park in Crested Butte.

October marked the official two-year anniversary of Doctor Robert as a full band, and 101 songs into the project, we’re all as enthused as we were at the beginning (if not more)! The music of the Beatles is so diverse, so complex, and so inspiring we can’t wait to get into more.

The Doctor Robert Beatles tribute band has truly been an amazing experience. We can honestly say there hasn’t been a gig where people didn’t approach us to say how much they enjoyed the show. We’ve met some great people, learned a ton, and seen a lot. There have been conga lines, circle dancing, two stepping, breakdance moves, raised-arm tunnels, some crazy costumes, and even a somersault and a worm on the dance floor. There have been people in wheelchairs and walkers, toddlers wearing nothing but diapers, newlyweds, birthday celebrants, and basically just folks of every age, size and background dancing and purely enjoying this music. Doctor Robert has been hired to play fundraisers for causes as varied as a children’s museum to a college wrestling team. We’ve played venues from dive bars to the Museum of Natural History and Science in Denver. We’ve performed for amazing couples for their weddings throughout Colorado. We’ve survived colds, laryngitis, allergies, a trailer tire blowout, a family tragedy, some pretty interesting sleeping arrangements, a chopped-off fingertip, salmonella, and more to still play shows that elicit nothing but compliments. We’ve all tried our hand at instruments we’d never really played, harmonies we weren’t sure we could master…learning all the while!

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has come out to support the Doctor Robert project, and we look forward to more good times to come. Since the Beatles only toured until 1966 (stopping well before they’d written much of their catalogue) we’re honored to do our part in keeping this music alive, and share it with y’all! As always, THANK YOU!

All the best,
Doctor Robert
Casey, Ben, Kevin, Karen